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Fuel your prayer life and strengthen your ministry through prayer

A purpose-built solution to connect, encourage, and build Christ-centered communities through prayer.

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Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances…

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Replace group texts, messaging apps, email and social platforms.

Built for prayer

PRAYR has been developed with one central task in mind.

Focused on ministries and churches

PRAYR can be customized to your specific ministry.

Designed for small groups

Small group leaders can use the app to facilitate groups, manage requests, and encourage others.

Striving to draw closer to Christ

The ultimate vision of PRAYR is to help Christians grow and mature in their prayer lives so they can grow and mature in the faith.

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Thanks to these ministries for supporting our                                    


Alpha takes praying very seriously and needs a tool.  We like the PRAYR app because “It is all about relationships….relationship with Jesus and relationship with others!  “We have looked at many prayer apps, and this is the only one I would use!

Angela Chadwick.png

Angela Chadwick

Global Director of Prayer

Alpha International


Leslie Freeman

Intercession Director

JH Ranch

What this app does to invest in the encouragement and development of prayer leaders and communities is absolutely VITAL in the Kingdom of God right now. We are so excited to see how PRAYR will strengthen both individuals, small groups, and entire prayer networks in our ministry and beyond!

As a Young Life leader and staff person, I am thrilled to see how this will help us continue to center prayer in an easy and efficient way. Utilizing the very best parts of social media without the junk, I can see my friends, Young Life girls, fellow leaders, and staff members' prayer requests. God will use this app to ignite the hearts of His people to intercede on others' behalf.

Katie Davis.png

Katie Davis

Assoc. Regional Director

Young Life

Susan Miller.png

Susan Miller

Executive Director & Founder

Just Moved Ministry

PRAYR will change the way we do ministry!  The PRAYR app equips leaders to lead groups in prayer using pictures, chat capabilities, quotes, and scripture.  I foresee the PRAYR app knitting together our ministry in prayer!

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