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A Connected Ministry is a Thriving Ministry

PRAYR was built to keep ministries unceasing in prayer, connected and informed.

Post prayer requests and receive instant support and encouragement


PRAYR allows you to share requests and know that your friends are praying and ready to encourage you. The app makes it easy to share, communicate, and encourage so Christians can stay connected around prayer. 


Use PRAYR to serve your community and make sure no one requests fall through the cracks. 


Foster and promote prayer across your organization


1. Help people draw closer to Christ 

Prayer is vital to our lives, but is easy to neglect. The ultimate vision of PRAYR is to help Christians grow and mature in their prayer lives so they can grow and mature in the faith. 


2. Manage prayer requests

PRAYR serves churches and ministries by organizing the large number of requests that can often be hard to keep track of.  


3. Serve your community

Use PRAYR to help people know they are being prayed for while they go through trials. Keep people engaged by fostering life-on-life activities.


PRAYR allows you to…


  • Keeps daily prayer requests top-of-mind 

  • Stay in touch around prayer  

  • Easily manage a large number of requests

  • Build strong Christ-centered ministries that pray

  • Encourage people who need it

  • Remember to pray for people when they need you

Consolidate Your Prayer Life

The one stop shop for sharing, receiving and managing prayer requests


Connect Your Ministry Through Prayer

Consolidate Your Prayer Life

The one stop shop for sharing, receiving and managing prayer requests

Direct Messaging

Connect and encourage one another through direct messages

Share Scripture and Quote Cards

Send encouragement with scripture cards and quote cards

Limit Distractions

Modern day methods of communication are noisy and distract from time with God


Download PRAYR today for free.


Ignite Your Small Groups


Built to Connect Faith Communities

Replace email lists, messaging apps, and social media platforms

Finally, a group communication app!

Keep groups connected throughout the week by giving them a place to keep the conversation going

Empower Group Leaders

Allows facilitation by group leaders to increase engagement and discussion with scripture cards, group prayer management, and events (Coming Soon!)

Customized for Your Ministry

A Familiar Experience

Customization of PRAYR gives the app the look and feel of your ministry brand

Engage Your Members

Customizable content throughout the app allow you to engage your members on the latest ministry campaigns

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